A Predator Hunted Me For The Whole Month!!!!!

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5 Figures a Month With CB Predator

5 Figures a Month With CB Predator
After trying several system and bought many e book about making money online to solve my financial problem, I came across a system called CB Predator.

A cousin of mine recommended to me. I did some more research online and found some good reviews so I thought I would give it a go. I bought it at Clickbank. Maybe everyone know Clickbank. The famous vendor on the net.

More importantly, It very suitable for beginner like me.With the money back guarantee they offer, I really had nothing to worry by trying this system.

After ordering, I only waited 30 minutes to download it. It was very perfect package and I was very excited to discover what kind of method they have.

The very first thing I noticed was the clear explanation about the system. Literally took less than a minute to understand every step in the manual.Unlike other system, It did not give me any confusion and get lost to apply the step they provide.The system very easy to follow.

Now, the person that sells CB Predator recommends that you wait one month before you judge the progress of your campaign.However,I started to see result about 3 weeks. I could see income growing to my account from almost zero.

It was very exciting to say. I instantly called my cousin to tell about this great system. The truth is he had income living from this system near a year. Then, I have high confident in me to success with this CB Predator.

Would I recommend CB Predator?For sure.Sometimes you will get bored to read about the step explanation but don't skip it. It can give you the whole view about the step.Visit CB Predator to see their sales page.

CB Predators Review

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Affiliate marketing - Attract targeted visitor with article marketing

9:59 AM at 9:59 AM

There are many ways you can drive traffic to your site. The best is article marketing. Article marketing which people tend to write an article and send to any article directories to promoting their business.

Article marketing is perfect for your affiliate marketing business. Most affiliate marketer today using this way to pulling traffic to their site. There are three reasons behind this.

1#Targeted traffic

Targeted traffic is the key for you to make sales. People who interested in your product will visit website of yours. So, before send article to any article directories, confirm that you write quality content. Do not depend on quantity but quality. That is also the way you can stand long enough in affiliate marketing business.


You also can brand your name and your business to customer. In the long run, people will recognize you as the expert in your niche. Although you promote other people product, person who introduce product to them is you. Automatically, you built your loyal customers. Then your affiliate marketing campaign becomes more profitable.

3#Leverage the article

The articles you had sent to article directories you can leverage them in many ways. You can collect them all and create an e book, a report and podcast download. By doing this, you can apply variation of promotion for your affiliate marketing business. Besides, make more profit.

These three reasons proved why article marketing is the best ways to attract targeted visitor to your site. With article marketing, you can make people more attract to your product. Your writing skills become advantage to your affiliate marketing campaign.

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Affiliate marketing - Run away from the killer crowd

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I hate being in the crowded places. Standing between so many people makes me sick. Since I am seven years old till now, I am always like that. That is why I did not have many friends. But I am comfortable with that. Because of that character, I involved in affiliate marketing.

Same with this business, I also run away from the crowd. I am only targeted the most specific niche and did not have many competition. Although the niche has high potential, it is not guarantee you can make sale. Why? Because the niche is too crowded. That is all.

Do you want to know how I ran away from them? So, feel pleasure to read my points.

1. Target more specific niche

In affiliate marketing or any online business, to know your target niche is very important. This is the key to reach your true audience. To find your niche, do not aim the general. Aim more specific or sub niche. Example, fish. You can use tropical fish.

2. know how much your competition

Large or small the crowd measure by the number of your competition. When you had found the niche, try search your niche in Google. I always target the niche that not exceeds more than one million in quotes. More than that depends on your confident.

These are the way I use to stand from the crowd. Some people who involve in affiliate marketing, they only target the higher searches in search engine. But the truth is they chased the same thing and just hoping, he or she will get it. You must not waste your time and effort. In business, you must forget the word hope but to believe in yourself.

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Paid survey - Loaded your pocket with free paid survey

1:46 PM at 1:46 PM

Many opportunities to make money online you can choose. If you choose to earn money online without effort and have more free time, taking paid survey is the right choice for you. It is one of the popular make money online opportunities on the net.

However, you must beware of scams while choosing the paid survey company to join. Try search in Google, many ads related to paid survey come out. Free Paid Surveys, Get Paid to Take Surveys and Take Online Surveys for Cash!, are the familiar ads you can see all over internet.

Before you join any paid survey, you must know a bit misconception about taking survey online survey. Majority advertisements in internet tend to tell people they can earn hundred dollars per day just taking survey. Actually, it is impossible to make hundred of dollars if you join only one paid survey site. From my experience, I just got $2 to $20 dollars per day.

The truth is you can make money with paid survey. There are many market research companies want you to participate in their survey and willing to pay you. Large company paid them for doing market research about their advertisement campaign. They want to know how people feel about their product or service.

Not all survey site offer free membership to you. Some are free to join and some are not. For me, better I join free survey site. It is the same whether free or not. Do not aspect when you join which is not free, you will receive many survey. Their concept is the same. When they have survey for you, they send. If not, you will not receive any survey. A survey per day, per week and per month is usual for you to waiting.

There is one hope for you to taking survey every day. You can join many paid survey site as much as you can. The key is when you belong to more paid survey company, more money you will earn. There are around 500 paid survey sites you can join. Each of them, take a few minutes to sign up. The good start; join the top 20 survey site on the net.

When you join, there are some questions you must answer from them. They want to know, are you the person they interested in. I have a secret here to tell you. They will ask you if you work in a certain industry, market research company or advertising company. Your answer must be no to this question. They do not want this type of person taking their survey.

Finally, all I have said here are the truth about paid survey. Some paid survey companies want to take advantage from you. So, I suggest do not join any survey companies that want you to pay for membership fee. Actually, it is worth to join free paid survey companies.

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Internet Business - Grab 7 secret tips to success

5:48 PM at 5:48 PM

Starting an internet business is a long journey for internet marketer. You fail or success depends on what you have done for your business. As an internet marketer, you must have planning and strategy.

Actually, everyone have different strategy to implement. They develop their plan which is suitable with their business. These plan and strategies can lead to secret weapon for their business if improving likes skyrocket.

Do you have any secret weapon like nuclear bomb to boost your business? If not, grab these 7 secret tips to success in your internet business campaign.

1. Market demand

Demand is very important in any type of business. Sales can be made if there have demand in the market. So, how do you generate demand for your product? If me, there are several ways I can make my product have demand in the market. Examples, I could advertise in e zines, start an affiliate program, encourage word of mouth, referrals and do joint ventures.

2. The ordering process

The ordering process on your site must straight forward and easier for customer. When you make easier for them, you can automatically encourage customer to buy your product. You should make the ordering process has the less clicks to secure an order.

3. Payment method

Many type of payment method you can use to make transaction for your customer. One of the most popular now is through credit card. You should not provide one method of payment, the more payment method you offer, the better and more choice your customer can make.

4. Product delivery

For the digital product, you must deliver to customer instantly after they purchase. At least do not exceed than 24 hours for the delivery. If not you can make them worry. For the physical product, you must inform the customer that the product is on the way and also inform them how many days the possibility the product will arrive to them.

5. Customer support

In business, the customers are very precious to you. You must take care of them as good as you can. The possibilities they make the repeat purchase are highest or they waiting another product of yours. I mean take care of them is you provide customer support. Examples are timely email support, online helpdesk, FAQs, live chats, ticket system, knowledge base and others.

6. Site security

World of internet not all safe for us to buy anything we like. Many frauds out there are waiting for buyers to cheat on. So, you must gaining trust from your customer that your site not fraud. How do you want to do it? I am suggest you purchase a digital certificate and add physical address or phone numbers where they can contact you.

7. Customer community

You can form a community for your customers to change ideas, suggestion and discussion about your product. Example, you can host a forum on your site and better make a private forum. Your customer can access your forum when they purchased your product. You always get product ideas for your internet business and in the future you can create the best products that solve their problem.

These are the seven secrets tips you must know in internet business. You can make a research about these tip whether suitable or not with your internet business.

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Affiliate Marketing - 5 Killer mistakes while choosing affiliate program

5:46 PM at 5:46 PM

Choosing the best affiliate program is the main factor for you to success in affiliate marketing. Every time I want to move to another affiliate program, I have set in my mind that I want to choose the best. Only the best can guarantee your success.

Nowadays, many affiliate program on the net you can join and profit from it. So, how do you choose affiliate program? I hope you had avoided these five killer mistakes while choosing affiliate program.

Here are five killer mistakes you should avoid when choosing affiliate program:

1. Compete but not support

I always avoid to join the affiliate program which is encourages affiliates under them to compete each other. This is the worst to join affiliate program like this. You must join affiliate program which is encourages affiliates to support each other and growing other affiliates to have a bigger network.

2. Little commission

Do you want to be paid that suitable with your effort? If you want to be paid like that, every time you visit the affiliate program which is offer little penny, you must said “ I want to be a millionaire someday, why should I join you!”. So, be aware of the commission you will get after you successfully make sales.

3. Not updated

The product statistic is important for us as affiliate marketer. Not many affiliate program that offer product statistic from time to time. Are they profitable, popular or high demand? You must choose the affiliate program which is keep updated their site and go away that look like old house.

4. Do not have live support

For me, I want to choose an affiliate program that can give their support within 24 hours to me. I mean when I request something from them or ask them question about my business, they can respond within 24 hours. If you want to know how fast they can respond, try asking them anything question you can think before register. You should avoid if they respond exceed than 24 hours.

5. Promotional tools and tutorials

Some affiliate program only gives you an affiliate link only. For the expert, maybe that is not the problem. For beginners, that is the problem. I always seek affiliate programs that provide promotional tools and tutorials for their affiliates. Although I have two years experience in affiliate marketing but that is not the point. It is making easier for me to promote their product or service.

These five killer mistakes I told you, you should be aware and give attention every time you want to choose an affiliate program. I hope you will do fine.

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